Keith Butcher has lived in Ulverston all his life. He is Chair of South Cumbria Music Festival, an annual event, now in its 39th year, and which has become one of the most respected competitive music events in the country.
“I want to make sure there is something for everyone in Ulverston and I want to help bring back the buzz to The Coro and the Market.”
Julie Hammerton is a professional Arts Practitioner providing funding and creative support to artists and projects throughout the North. She has set up and run several creative industries, including Barracudas Limited, and also works as Company Manager of Evergreen Joiners Ltd.
“I have been fortunate to work on arts projects in many different places, including London, the Caribbean, Germany, South America and Italy but what goes on in my home town is the most important thing.” 
Ceri Hutton has worked in social justice for 30 years. She started in civil rights, homelessness and then international development (where she set up a new charity) and HIV/AIDS (where her work included being director of a law centre for 5 years). Since 1998, she has worked freelance with a wide range of international, national and local organisations such as Amnesty and the Refugee Council. She’s involved in many Ulverston activities and groups, including the Outsiders and the Civic Society.
“I believe that UCE must engage the fantastic range of groups, communities, activities and individuals in Ulverston for it to properly work ‘for the common good’.”
Janette Jenkinson a Councillor on Ulverston Town Council and South Lakeland District Council. She has served as Mayor of Ulverston twice and in 2005/2006 was appointed Chairman of the District Council. She has been appointed to serve on several local organisations including Ulverston Traders Association, Ulverston Community Partnership and The Townland Trust. She is particularly interested in the economy of the area and the health and wellbeing of its residents.
“I have always lived in Ulverston, so the Coronation Hall and Ulverston Market have played a special part in my life.”
Gordon Jones was a professional recording and touring musician for 20 years and was recently inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. He still manages and produces for an independent record company. Chair of Furness Tradition, board member of Friends of Coronation Hall and for six years a Trustee of a national music and arts based charity.
“I know the amount of work and dedication that people in the town put into their festivals, groups and small businesses and hope we at UCE can support them.”
Gavin Knott is the owner of Appleseeds Health Store on Market Street. He is also Group Scout Leader for the 2nd Ulverston Scouts and is on the Board of the Ulverston BID, a recently set up town development organisation. He is also a qualified surveyor and Ulverston Citizen of the Year 2015!
“Having run small businesses for many years, I am aware of the challenges facing us if we are to ensure The Coro and the Market thrive over the coming years.”
Jacqueline McCloy has been Finance Director at Tritech International Ltd since 2009. She is also on the Board of the Ulverston BID and is active in promoting the town as a great place to work and live. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with extensive experience in business at all levels.
Alyson Dickson has over 25 years’ experience as a nurse and academic. Since retiring from her role as Associate Dean at University of Cumbria in 2017 she has become a volunteer member of the Family Support Service at St Mary’s Hospice. Alyson is on the committee of Printfest, an annual exhibition of prints and printmaking held in the Coronation Hall each May.
 John Kaye was trained as a market researcher, and until he retired early, he spent most of his working life developing businesses in Europe and South-East Asia, and also latterly running small enterprises in the UK and Europe. Although he was born a Westmerian, and was brought up in Lancashire, he spent most of his life down south and abroad and moved back north, to Ulverston, eight years ago, where until last year he was Chairman of the local U3A.“The sense of community in Ulverston is strong, and we need to build on this through UCE to ensure the town has thriving hubs for the future in the Coronation Hall and Markets”